• I have no doubt that I will get 10 TIMES my investment from just one of the ideas Heidi suggested.
    Laura Wood
  • In the first 90 days of my new website going live,
    I saw a 34% increase in revenue.
    Nichi Hirsch
  • My awesome new website increased my monthly
    sales by 30%.
    Cheryl Stewart
  • Heidi is results driven and a true magician.
    Kathya Bustamante
  • Heidi stays true to her name, offers strategic insight, and asks all the right questions!
    Patrick Pryor, Artist and Gallery Owner
  • I definitely plan to hire Heidi and the Clear Simple Marketing team again.
    Joy Randal

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We are a boutique-marketing firm that provides effective,
and fresh marketing solutions for successful
that are looking to expand reach, deepen
purpose, grow revenue,
and have more fun.

We work with Travel Agents and Wellness Practitioners. Our mission is to help these passionate small business owners get super clear on who they are, who they serve, and who they want to be in the world so that they can experience the energy, joy, and reward that comes with finding the sweet spot and flow in their work.

We’re good at helping businesses because we know our stuff, we operate from the conviction that there’s more than enough success to go around, and we believe in the transformative power of good relationships.

Yes, we’re problem-solvers and solution-finders. But more than that, we’re passion-igniters, real-conversation-havers, smart-skill-developers, and authentic-voice-finders.


Take some time on the site. Mingle. Ask questions.
We’re really glad you’re here.