• I have no doubt that I will get 10 TIMES my investment from just one of the ideas Heidi suggested.
    Laura Wood
  • In the first 90 days of my new website going live,
    I saw a 34% increase in revenue.
    Nichi Hirsch
  • My awesome new website increased my monthly
    sales by 30%.
    Cheryl Stewart
  • Heidi is results driven and a true magician.
    Kathya Bustamante
  • Heidi stays true to her name, offers strategic insight, and asks all the right questions!
    Patrick Pryor, Artist and Gallery Owner
  • I definitely plan to hire Heidi and the Clear Simple Marketing team again.
    Joy Randal

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Coaching. Consulting. Mentoring.
Ensure Your Success.

Online programs are amazing but you can only go so far without live coaching.
Watching a video doesn’t compare to the incredible deep shifts you can make, and insights you can have, through one-on-one consulting.

The Magic Elixir – One-Hour Session


The Magic Elixir is a one-time, 60-minute, over-the-phone marketing strategy session with me (Heidi). Summon a Magic Elixir anytime you need a shot of marketing magic! Each Elixir will be recorded so you can savor every drop.

The Magic Elixir is for you, if you…

  • Have a list of specific questions about maximizing your marketing
  • Want your sales/promotional materials reviewed
  • Are spinning your wheels trying make some marketing decisions
  • Want help tweaking your traffic sources to maximize your results
  • Want help tweaking your marketing/sales funnel
  • Want help crafting a high-converting opt-in offer (an IFO)

The Magic Elixir is $497. Upon checkout you’ll be taken to an online scheduler to book your session.


One Intense High-Powered Day


Get my full undivided attention on your business, and the support of the CSM Talent team, for one powerhouse day.



Heidi is results driven and a true magician. In just one hour, she was able to bring clarity to my situation and packed tons of solutions, ideas and strategies into our Magic Elixir consulting session. I was really impressed with how quickly she got what I wanted to do and gave me concrete steps specific to my needs. A session with Heidi is such a great value. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get unstuck or simply go to the next level regardless of what stage of business they are in.
Kathya Bustamante, Business Strategist

Right from the start Heidi impressed me with her vast marketing knowledge and her ability to laser focus on my small business. I have no doubt that I will get 10 TIMES my investment on just one of the ideas she suggested during our Magic Elixir consulting session. I trust her guidance completely. She delivers value at an affordable price and helps you increase your bottom line with integrity!
Laura Wood, Marketing Consultant

Heidi is not only very knowledgeable but also extremely approachable and easy to work with. She motivated me to make changes that I would never have thought of, or had the know-how of what to do. I highly recommend CSM to any small business owner who wants to create and maintain an online presence and take their business to the next level.
Mridu Parikh, Professional Organizer, www.MemoriesOrganized.com

After a one hour magic elixir session with Heidi I had an entirely new clear, simple, straightforward marketing plan. Heidi stays true to her name, offers strategic insight, and asks all the right questions!
Patrick Pryor, Artist and Gallery Owner

Heidi is beyond amazing. During our first magic elixir consulting session, she developed a spot-on marketing campaign for my target audience and gave me simple, step-by-step instructions on how to implement. I’ve spent 14 years working for and with the most proficient Fortune 100 companies and no one has ever given me better marketing advice. Heidi and her team are the ones to hire!
Melissa Delay, Communications Strategist